Mission Statement

This site is being created to fill the gap I see for a one stop source for all information relating to 120 sleds. Personally, over the years as I have seacrched for information on these great little sleds and it's been hard to find much, and usually impossible to find exactly what you are looking for. Hopefully, we can fix that.

As we build, the intent is to provide sections for all that pertains to these sleds. Everything from proper maintenance of your new stockers to building your all-out race sled, which is our business. We will have sections showing how and what we do: building engines from stockers to ISR Champs and of course, the Outlaws we are famous for. Furthermore, sections with detailed chassis information from improving the stockers to the Ice Oval and Snox-X suspensions.

The sections are not just for us, we will gladly post pictures and comments from your completed projects.