To Tracks and Series

In talking with various leaders of the 120 racing groups, I am somewhat surprised at how lightly some of these series look at the 120 classes.

I am 25 year veteran as one of the people running one of the largest kart racing clubs in the country. To maintain our 300 family memberships, we realized decades ago the answer was in promoting our youngest classes. We do shows all year long at everthing from shopping malls to Nascar races. We specifically target parents with 5-8 year old children for out Kid Kart classes. These are our largest classes. When you spot parents with kids of this age, they can’t wait to do something like this with their child. The sport almost sells iteself. When you pull in families within this age group, most will spend 4-5 years in the sport. It’s natural in the 12-16 age group to lose races, school, sports, boy/girlfriends, job tends to take those ages out of the sport. Having a very strong group in the 5-12 age group keeps a steady stream flowing into the older Jr classes. Another benefit of this age group is, when little Johnnie gets a 120 sled, he can not wait to show it off to everyone he knows. That takes the advertising to his neighborhood, school friends, relatives, etc., often parents do the same thing. I think often you will find that once you bring one 120 family into your group, they themselves whill shortly bring you a few more. One additional benefit, the press loves people doing something with young children. All is takes is a few words about teaching these kids something constructive, keeping them focused, out of trouble and off the streets, andthe local press can be your best friend.

We treat our youngest racers with the same respect as our National Champions. Their part of the main event, not treated as a side show. The families are made to feel welcome and with their newbie enthusiasm the parents often become our hardest working volunteers.

If you are missing this segment in your race program, youu should be going after it. It is the easiest sell/best response I have ever had, and their entry dollars each week will go a long way in supporting your races.